Septic Tank Solutions

Santa Fe Septic Tank Solutions from Richardson’s Excavating LLC 

We are the Santa Fe septic tank installation and maintenance go totankprep company. In business for 34 years, we have seen waste water treatment go from homes with an old fashioned cess pool, to septic tank with leach field solutions to alternative treatment units.  Each time the waste water treatment industry introduces a new method or new device we are front and center learning how the new method, device or product works, inside and out. We stay up to date because number one, we want to give our customers top notch service and number two, we work very hard to stay current so when new or existing customers call we are knowledgeable, trained and ready to take care of their needs. We are in business in Santa Fe to stay in business and keeping current on the latest technology in septic tank technology makes sure we stay that way.

Septic Tanks Santa Fe – Standard Septic Tank Installation and Maintenance

Until further developments occur like a change in the waste water building code from the State of New Mexico Environmental Improvement Division where self-contained treatment become mandatory, septic tanks in Santa Fe will continue to be installed for new homes and maintained in current homes.

Alternative Treatment Units – NORWECO Singulair Waste Water Treatment Systems

Richardson’s Excavating in Santa Fe is an authorized NORWECO distributor. We offer Singulair, NORWECO’s state of the art waste water treatment system. This system is a state of the art waste water treatment solution. We a factory trained service technicians for NORWECO.

Call us today at 505-455-2293 here in Santa Fe for standard septic tank installation and service or for alternative treatment unit installation and service. We are in business to serve all your waste water treatment needs and solve any problem you may be currently experiencing with your waste water system.