Norweco Septic Tank Solutions

Norweco is the premier waste water treatment solution provider in America. We are an authorized provider of the Norweco Singulair waste water treatment system. For people wanting the best septic tank installation company and the best septic tank solution in Santa Fe they need to turn to us, Richardson’s Excavation LLC.

The smart alternative to using a septic tank to manage waste water, the Singulari system uses an extended aeration process as it processes waste water. The plant, housed in a single precast concrete tank , handles waste through flow equalization, pretreatment, aeration, clarification, a tertiary filtration and an optional chemical addition. The systems uses a fractional horsepower aerator that is certified to run 30 minutes per hour. The companies patented Bio-Kinetic device is a built in component that all waste water that goes through the Singulair system is equalized and 100 percent treated.

We are the go-to-guy professional septic tank installation company in Santa Fe. Call us today at 505-455-2293 for a quote to install a Singulair water treatment system for your home today.


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